Count down to kick-off: Burley Bobcats

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BURLEY, ID (KMVT/KSVT) The last time the Burley Bobcats ended the season with a winning record was in 2013 and before that there wasn’t one recorded going back to when records started being kept online in 2004.

This year the Bobcats are determined to change their legacy and the answer may be in new Head Coach Tony Cade.

In his inaugural season Tony Cade is pushing his players like never before.

Having a young squad with leadership coming from all ranks the team is focused and dedicated.

After rocky, losing seasons in the past, the new direction Cade is taking the program has his players excited because they're believing in themselves and realizing their full potential.

This belief is part of Cade's three step process.

"We have three things that we talk about. We talk about prepare, we talk about expectations and we talk about belief. The first thing starts with preparation and that starts in the weight room. We never really had a weight program at this school it seemed like. The first week I was out here we had 15 kids, the next week we had 35 and then it just kept getting bigger and bigger after that. They were catching the vision, they felt like they were getting stronger, we would test. They saw the growth and their potential. They came out in the summer and started learning the offense and things like that. We talk about expecting to win now too. You've got to expect to win. Now the third step is believing. Every time we step on the field on Friday night that you're going to believe to win,” Cade said.

Having losing records for his past three years senior running back Beau Phipps is ready for the Bobcats football program to head in a new direction.

"It's really great. I mean we are hyped all day, before practice, after practice. We are all brothers we really like to hang out with each other and it's pretty great. I really think that this is going to be the year that we change Burley football," Phipps said.

Coach Cade brings a lot of intensity to his players and program. As a coach having the mentality to share with your players that there are going to be good days and there are going to be bad days is essential.

The Bobcats have accepted Cade’s vision which resonates with all of the players as practices aren’t black and white but a correlation of players and coaches working together.

“The preparedness is done in practices and everything and expectation and now we have to get the belief factor into it, that you're not losers you're winners," Cade said.

And for the doubters of the Burley football program sophomore starting quarterback Ethan Gibbons has a few words.

Gibbons trying to contain his excitement, “Y’all better watch out because we gone win some games baby!”

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