Life beyond the glitz and glam of a rodeo queen

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TWIN FALLS, ID (KMVT/KSVT) When you think of the rodeo images flood your mind of cowboys and cattle. But there's another side to this sport and that's the rodeo queens.

A rodeo and horse based beauty pageant is offered through the Hailey Days of the Old Wild West. The pageant is part of the Sawtooth Ranger's Riding Club's Rodeo that takes place each year on the Fourth of July.

The three day competition includes a speech, modeling, interview with impromptu questions and horsemanship categories.

Today this year’s queens are going around to their sponsors in the Magic Valley thanking them which is where I was able to catch up with them.

One queen has recently turned her focus from the rodeo competition to being a representative for the inner mountain donor services to match donors and recipients.

Having lost her brother in a sudden accident one year ago this cause is close to her heart.

"A year ago my brother Roger was involved in an accident and he died. But he was able to save five lives. We were talking about it and I competed at the Hailey Days contest and the coordinator Alex, asked why don't we have an ambassador program for this. And so throughout the last month we've worked on it and it's been a great opportunity. "

With her platform, Jessica has a last statement to make to anyone who is thinking of registering to become an organ donor.

"I would definitely encourage everyone to be an organ donor. There are so many lives you can save. And it's just a great opportunity knowing one day you'd be able to save someone else's life," Jessica said.

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