Wendell athlete recovering from serious car accident

MAGIC VALLEY, Idaho ( KMVT / KSVT ) A Wendell student–athlete remains in the hospital after rolling his truck earlier this week. 16–year old Hunter Zacarias was life–flighted to Saint Alphonsus and recovers from injuries such as brain trauma, a collapsed lung and broken wrist.

The communities of Jerome and Wendell rallying around this teen as athletics represent a major part of his life.

Fourth of July, the Jerome Cyclones battling the Blackfoot Broncos at home. Missing out of the lineup, Hunter Zacarias.

Ethan Bragg, Jerome "AA" cyclones head coach said, "Hunter has been a blessing to the program for sure. The Wendell kids we bring them over to play legion with us because they don't have enough kids to play in the legion program and he's been a great kid, great work ethic, we're really pulling for him."

The accident happened here, at 3300 South, 2277 East in Gooding County early Monday morning.

Bragg explained,"they thought he may have avoided something in the road and just over-corrected."

James Hirai, one of Zacarias' teammates from Wendell visited him at Saint Alphonsus twice this week.

Hirai said, "his head was really swollen, arms were beat up, he had a lot of dirt on his hands, I think he wanted to get out of the car. He wasn't moving hardly at all."

During Tuesday's visit...

Hirai explained, "he's just been sleeping a lot, they have him sedated, and things are working the way they should."

The incoming junior has been on varsity on all sports since freshman year and is a stellar student.

Mason Lawton said, "ever since he came up to the high school, he's one of those kids you have to watch. He was so more advanced than everyone else. It is great to see him grow in not just sports, and school. He's mature."

Incoming senior Mason Lawton hopes to visit Hunter in Boise later this week.

"It's super shocking, you don't expect that to happen to anyone, especially someone like that," added Lawton.

His absence from sports will be felt, but recovery is the main focus.

Bragg added, "we don't have him the rest of the summer, this is something bigger than sports."

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