Build Southern Idaho Week #17


By KMVT News

TWIN FALLS, ID (KMVT-TV) KMVT News has teamed up with Lance LeBaron homes to build a brand new dream home.

We've been following the progress and taking you along for the ride.

"You can bring a lot of beauty and character into your home because with tile it's unlimited. We can piece together things and give it character and design. The possibilities are endless. The other reason tile is good is because of how hard it is. It's a hard surface which means it's very durable. The initial cost upfront is more than others, but the longevity of it is good for homeowners in the future,” said Nick Speirs, Advantage Tile & Stone.

"I think is a good feature. It's durable. We put it on our floors and showers. When installed right, it's a lifetime product. You won't need to replace the tile,” said Lance LeBaron, Lance LeBaron Homes.

"What's running through here are the heat wires that will heat the tile. We need to figure out what the pattern of the floor is. What I mean is there is a pattern with the cabinets and you don't want to run it behind the toilet. It will be heated on all the surfaces you are going to walk on,” said Speirs.

This week, we're voting on the style of facets and sinks provided by Gem State Plumbing.

To vote go to:

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