Domestic Violence


By Paul Johnson

Sun Valley, Idaho ( KMVT-TV - KSVT-TV) Domestic violence isn't just limited to physical altercations. There's psychological, financial, emotional, etc.

In this edition of Connections, we've invited Deborah Gabardi, the executive director and Laurie Palmer, the shelter manager of the Crisis Center of Magic Valley. if you have questions, please call (208) 733-0100.

Plus Maud Taylor Morris appeared on our show. Morris, a Wood River resident who underwent multiple forms of domestic violence in Connecticut. She hasn't been able to see her kids in quite some time.

This is Morris' story told by here: "I just want to be the mom I was...overnight my life changed, Good Friday, April 2011. Jesus was also arrested on Good Friday and betrayed by his friends. I was a perfectly-attached mom living in a 6 bedroom house to living on the Streets, bank accounts depleted, no more kids. It was all based on a lie. I was accused of assault, proven to be false. It was strategic. I have had to rebuild with nothing other than my brain, heart and soul, friends. It is awful to not have any contact with kids who I was so close to and all were thriving in all categories. My kids need me. I want my kids to comeback and have a healthy life with me and see their friends, cousins."

Parental Alienation Sydrome: Or PAS occurs when one parent's efforts to consciously or unconsciously brainwash a child combine with the child's own bad-mouthing of the other parent. In severe cases, the child won't want to see or talk to the alienated parent.

Moment to Moment Marketing is Jason Patric's PR firm, the Principal is Christopher Blanchard.

Morris met him when she went to Jason's Press Conference. She just learned that they locked in Brad Pitt to help share the awareness on PAS. Real stories and movie stars should help this problem that effects everyone because the result are confused, abused children.. and we are all one..
Moment To Moment Marketing

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