A Winter Wonderland


By KMVT News

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) 500,000 twinkling lights, tens of thousands of visitors, 23 years, two humps and one Christmas tradition to outshine them all.

General contractor Brian Oswalt has been hard at work, "It's really cool, we get a lot of amazing, and wow and we get people from all over the world. I was here Friday night and we had people from Missouri, Boise, and Greenland... Just a variety of places... And it's just really neat to see the kid's reaction and how they're impressed with the new location."

People from all over the globe come to this small town... And place their pins on the map.
The twinkle town tradition now sparkling at the Rock Creek General Store in Hansen.
"So we had to bring in a lot of shrubbery and the building of course added a great aesthetic... So we added a lot of shrubbery around the crick to so we had somewhere to put our lights on that people really seem to enjoy." Said,
The location is different, but the Christmas spirit is the same.
"It's the family tradition, people like to have something they can go to and show their kids who in turn can show their kids... It's a really neat thing."

"They're amazed by it, they don't understand it, but they're amazed by just how beautiful it is." Said sightseer Amber Spang.
Parent- and child- approved.

"My favorite part about the thing is the beautiful trees."
Trees covered with thousands of lights!
One toddler estimates...
"twenty and hundred infinity."
All shining down on the star of the show-bully the Mongolian camel!
"i fed him lotsa carrots!"
A sight enough to make any adult feel like a kid again.
"Merry christmas ho ho ho!"

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