St. Edward's Catholic School


By Brittany Cooper

Take a stroll through downtown Twin Falls and you might come across Saint Edward's Catholic School.

St. Edward's Catholic School houses 150 pre-k through 6th grade students.

Each day they start off with a prayer before focusing on their academics.

Head Teacher Kathy Sorenson says, "We have a reading core that they accomplish usually 90 minutes a day for reading and writing. We have a period of time each day where religion is taught ."

When Sorenson attended Catholic school as a child, science wasn't part of the cirriculum.

"There was this stigma whether science would disprove God. We would come to realize that science just proves the immensity and power of God."

There might be a misconception about whether students who attend Catholic School are all Catholic.

"they have to accept that we are a Catholic school when they put their children in here. So it doesn't seem to be a bother to them."

Sorenson lists parent involvement as one of the strengths for the school.

"Because of our small school and parent's investment in the school, we tend to have more parent involvement in their education so that gives us an advantage."

The school just finished its benefit auction and currently the students are collecting donations for the earthquake victims in Japan.

"We're doing Chains Across Nations and kids are asking $1 to add a link to the chain."

When we return next week, we'll catch up with the students of Jackpot High School.

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