Scholastic Spotlight: St. Nicholas


By Brittany Cooper

Many Magic Valley residents might not know St. Nicholas exists. Luckily though, officials recently placed a billboard just outside of Rupert. Advertised on the sign is the all day kindergarten program.

Diane Brumley, St. Nicolas School says, "the all day program allows us to have social studies and science for the kids, more art is brought into the program, they're able to do music, so we can do more extracurricular things and extra things."

The program teaches social studies, science even art. Kindergartners are expected to know more now than before.

Brumley says, "what they need to learn for first grade is so intense that having the full day can get the full reading and full math in it too. So we have plenty of time to cover the full basics and time for the extras too."

The parents are also pleased. They don't have to leave work or other activities to pick up their child in the middle of the day.

"We do have an aftercare that goes until 5:30 so a lot of the kids are with us the whole day."

Third to fifth graders have the option to perform in a twenty minute production of Jesus' last week on earth.

Wearing mime make–up, the play was originally performed by high school students.

"It's moving, i still cry every time. They actually re–enact Jesus being nailed down to the cross. the cross is lifted and then the soldiers carry Jesus out."

Class sizes at St. Nicolas are small, anywhere from eight students in the 3rd grade up to 15 in the kindergarten class. The student to teacher ratio is just one of the positives of attending the Rupert–based school.

"Most of the St. Nicolas kids end up going into the honors classes, so they're really in with some nice kids there. They really get some good self–confidence building experiences here whether it's through public speaking and just feeling good about themselves."

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