Bliss High School


By Brittany Cooper

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Many students want a dose of reality in the classroom. You can find that at Bliss, plus a growing business.

From producing to marketing to selling, students at Bliss High School experience it all.

Bliss Schools Superintendant Kevin Lancaster says, "we do all kinds of things. From metal arch gates to welding, you can see the horns on there."

The entrepreneurial program teaches students the different facets of the business.

"These just happen to be some of the things we do mainly for the local people around here who want to hang a set of horns on the wall they've never been able to," says Lancaster.

This is the starting block for these entrepreneurial projects at Bliss High School.

As you can see behind me, these students are assembling a hand–crafted lamp.

Lancaster states, "we buy the horns out of Montana, they're shipped here and the kids make lamps."

An example of the program's success is the students and staff don't want to sell more beyond what they can produce.

"We don't have an assembly line and we don't want it to become boring for the kids either," says Lancaster.

The students also stitch their way through embroidery, another piece of the program.

"I'm doing a butterfly design."

"It teaches us how to work and interact with customers," says 11th grader Estefany Altamirano.

The school invited others to participate including a local charter school.

"We have 40 kids at our school and when you have 15 kids show up, it adds life," says Lancaster.

With Christmas right around the corner, how about a bear claw stocking stuffer?

"We take an antler from a deer and we shaped it into a bear claw. These are something we can't make enough of," says Lancaster.

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