Bridge Academy


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) If you haven't visited the Bridge Academy lately, you're missing out on a number of changes.

Around 50 students attend the Bridge Academy in Twin Falls.

Lucy Brazil-Wilkes, School Counselor says, "we just have a great bunch of kids that somehow they get lost in the bigger schools."

The school just adapted a uniform code.

In turn, officials say it put an end to behavioral issues and dress code violations.

Principal Jim Brown says, "so if we can eliminate those distractions, then they're better equipped to be successful for the day."

Jim Brown is in his third year as principal of the school.

He said the introduction of the dress code eliminated the O'Leary – Robert Stuart rivalry.

Brown adds, "it makes it easier for the students as well. They know what they have to do, and it's real simple and clean and reduces problems."

Another addition is the Freshman Academy.

Brown says it's designed to help students who are struggling.

"What's happened is these students go to Twin Falls High School and fail their if we see these students are struggling and failing four or more classes, we can pull them and provide another option for them," says Brown.

Brown says they can take one class at a time through the Freshman Academy and get back on track.

But the academy also has another purpose.

He adds, "we can use the Freshman Academy for the 8th grade students who are credit deficient instead of retain them for entire year, we can transition them to the Freshman Academy, then they can earn 2–3 credits or however many they need."

The number of students at Bridge Academy is up, while attrition is down.

"The word is spreading, we have options for students, we have great interventions for them," says Brown.

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