Burley High School


By Brittany Cooper

BURLEY, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Students have a lot on their plate these days, admission exams, finals and school projects.

Staying focused can be a challenge especially in the presence of drugs or alcohol.

Michael Sanchez, a senior says "most people think since it's their senior year, it's my senior year, that there are a lot of parties and they just want to have fun their last year. And there are those who drink a lot."

Many high schools across the nation have their battles with drugs and alcohol abuse, but students at Burley High School are trying to combat that problem by joining the Teens Against Drugs and Alcohol club.

"I want to get involved in school so i joined the club and later it dawned on me, this is a club to be in to show peers that you can have fun without alcohol."

For Brae Beck, he joined T.A.D.A. because of personal reasons.

Beck says, "my dad had a problem with narcotic drugs and I just feel like we need to let everyone know that drug problems can happen to anyone, it's not just the bottom of society."

On the last day of Red Ribbon Week, students decided they would show off their shuffle during lunch.

"Shuffles originated in clubs where drug use and bad things going on there, we just wanted to show you can shuffle without drinking," says Beck.

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