Carey High School


By Brittany Cooper

CAREY, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Carey High School is part of the Blaine County School District.

Carey is known for its community support and passion for its schools, just ask art teacher, Jennifer Mecham.

Mecham says, "it's been a priority for the parents and for the community so it's been well–supported."

Carey adopted the Seven Habits for Highly Effective People. In its second year, the elementary and secondary students use the concepts frequently.

Some may wonder how a book can be so influential in a school's cirriculum, but it's not just limited to a classroom.

"This year we're adding more goals and tracking leadership progress," says Mecham.

Business professionals use the 'seven habits' worldwide.

But the feedback extends beyond the business community, and into the education world.

Even on the local level, these business leaders might employ these students one day.

Mecham says, "they're the habits they want their future employees to have."

Written on the walls, embedded in the students mind and put in action. Carey educators want their students to also be highly effective people.

Next week, we feature Oakley High School.

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