Castleford School


By Brittany Cooper

Castleford, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Kent Dahl, Castleford Teacher says, "it gives students an opportunity to explore and to show mom and dad and others what they're exploring."

The Science Fair draws students form third to 12th grade and is also is a very popular event for the community to attend as well.

"Starting with the third graders and doing the best they know how to clear up of course to the high schoolers who have practiced in the past."

This particular project involves vegetable oil, water and food coloring...with the goal in mind of creating a homemade lava lamp.

"He uses alka–seltzer to create the bubbles which actually surprised me, but it works quite well."

Dahl says the kids can use any idea they want, as long as it's a testable question "and it can be anything related to science."

One of the most notable projects involved a golf ball.

"A man a couple of years wanted to see if the temperature affected the bounce of a golf ball. If I remember right, they don't do as well in cold weather as warm weather."

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