Declo High School


By Brittany Cooper

DECLO, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Students are hard at work in the ag shop of Declo High School.

Spencer Bingham is working on an enclosed four–wheeler trailer.

"it will go to the Cassia County fair when it's all done and when it's in the fair season. If it does well, we'll take it to the state fair in Blackfoot."

Freshman McKay Hurst put up overhead hoists with the help of Barclays Certified Welders.

200 hours and several months later, they're certified to lift 8–thousand pounds.

Hurst says, "we were concerned about kids hurting their backs because they're always flipping the trailers up and around so we decided to put this was my eagle project, I got all the money, I'm the one that went through and found the plans, they were all mixed up, we had to go through and do all new plans."

Students have the convenience of working on academic projects that benefit their personal use as well.

Senior Jaxon Wrigley, "my parents own a farm and I'm making it for the farm to goes behind a trailer and it's for beets and potatoes. But I'm using it for beets and it goes behind it, it goes two feet deep or more and had dykes and rolls through them and leaves little holes in the ground. So like on sloped hills, the water doesn't run through the beets and wash them out. It will just form in it and slow it down."

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