Filer High School


By Brittany Cooper

FILER, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Bullying is nothing new in high schools across the nation, but the drug known as 'Haze' is beginning to surface. Filer is battling both of these issues and the problem isn't confined to within the walls of the high school.

Two months ago, a Filer student told school officials she was leaving school. She explained she was a victim of bullying and at the same time, a number of students were involved in such acts.

"One person is overpowering the other."

Principal Leon Madsen then surveyed the students, asking them about bullying. Officials instilled four weeks of curriculum that included defining the word.

Principal Madsen says, "it has to be repeated, harm has to occur and it has to be an uneven match."

While bullying still occurs, it's now being reported.

"We're circumventing it before it becomes bullying," Madsen adds.

Sgt. Bill Deetz, Filer Police Department says, "it's just common incense, but what makes it spice is that the artificial compound representing synthetic THC..It's sold with the label, 'not fit for human consumption', yet people still consume it."

Filer became aware of the haze problem because of a student on campus near the football field.

"We had a young man use haze. He had a terrible reaction to it, to the point he had to be shipped to the hospital. The ambulance came and so it was pretty scary, he was unconscious. The second time was just a couple of months ago, we had a young lady do the same thing, just before she came to school, she did haze," says Madsen.

Haze is a relatively new drug and the Filer Police Department says there's not a lot of awareness about it. Students may use the drug because they think it's legal, the truth is, it's not.

Sgt. Deetz adds, "the Filer Police Department is considering this is very dangerous drug and will prosecute anyone that has it on them...if it's one of those altered compounds, if a minor has it, it's possession of an inhalant."

A major issue agencies and schools have is when manufacturers change the compound...

"Making it legal. So that's the problem," states Sgt. Deetz.

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