Hollister Elementary School


By Brittany Cooper

Hollister Elementary School is nearly 100 years old. Found on the national historic registry, many generations have come through its doors.

Head Teacher Teri Peters says, "students whose great-grandparents who went here and we also have kids who are just passing through."

Peters says, "this is a signature of a student who later worked here."

And you can visibly see some of this history upstairs in the library. If you look closely, you can see names from the 40's and 60's.

Names have spanned decades when students were allowed to go behind the stage and sign the wall.

"We have alumni that show up from time to time and say, "can we go back behind the stage and they look for their names, classmates and acquaintances."

Peters still hasn't located her husband's signature but has had siblings and children sign the wall as well.

She says, "I go there and look..."

It's not uncommon for the staff members to work at more than one position.

As an example, Peters is the head teacher as well as the third grade teacher.

Peters says, "our custodian does a really good job of keeping this building spiffy, but she also teaches p.e."

With such a small community, many might wonder how can they afford to take field trips.

Thanks to the support of fundraisers and the p-t-o field trips are made possible. Plus, the school just recently received a grant that will allow them to purchase 14-hundred dollars worth of books.

Peters says, "the children will be excited."

It will come in handy over the summer as the library remains open due to the nearest public library being at least 15 miles away.

"We'll try to keep it open at least a few hours."

A school full of tradition and prestige will hopefully serve more generations to come.

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