Idaho School For The Deaf And Blind


By Brittany Cooper

Gooding, Idaho (KMVT-TV) It's a busy morning for Mitchell Summers.

Mitchell Summers, 15, says, "we get ready and we do our meeting and once we have our hot water and we ice, we start making our drinks."

He's making a delivery to the library.

Summers adds, "Miss Dorsey, a snack and a hot tea."

Keeping up with Summers is a challenge.

After all, there's a demand for their snacks and drinks, especially when prices are hard to beat.

"25 cents for the drinks and it's 50 cents for hot chocolate, for snacks, it's 35 cents," says Summers.

Each day the students make deliveries all across the school and today Austin Briggs brought me a delicious orange tea, thank you, Austin."

David Chaney, Visually-Impaired Teacher at Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind says, "the biggest thing for them is the students do everything. I get to sit back and coach, where it's needed."

You'll find new technology such as smartphones and I–pads.

"I write the name and what drink to get and then when I get back, I write the name next to the delivery," adds another student.

Chaney adds, "apps for those machines is probably going to open up the world for a lot of these kids."

The students may not realize it, but they're learning to be salesmen and women. One of the students actually brailles the order.

Brian Alarcon, 17, says, "I'm going to write Miss Sims and then I'm going to write drink."

The team–like atmosphere is a situation they'll find all throughout life.

"They come together as a team. They feel valued, get to talk to people and have something to say," adds Alarcon.

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