Jackpot Combined School


By Brittany Cooper

Jackpot, Nevada (KMVT-TV) This morning we head across the border and into Nevada. The Jackpot Combined School is in a unique area, adjacent to casinos and in the middle of the desert.

Many of us have traveled through Jackpot or played in the casinos. But for a number of the parents whose kids attend the school, what's one's entertainment is another's job.

Kim Smith, Dean of Students and Athletic Director says, "our parents want our kids in school here. They're very vested in their education here."

The community is small and so is the population of the school. Around 75 students are at the junior and senior high school level while just over 100 students attend the elementary school.

"We know every student, we know their parents and family situations and there are very few who fall through the cracks here, if any."

In athletics, the Jackpot Boys Basketball team reached the regional tournament this year in Nevada.

"Several of our kids made all–division and both of our girls coach and boys coach made coach of the year."

The school boasts a high Hispanic population.

"We are getting to where we have kids that are second, third generation kids of Hispanic families."

Nearly 80% of the students are Hispanic.

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