Murtaugh School District


By Brittany Cooper

MURTAUGH, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Each day more than 140 students fill the halls of Murtaugh. As a district, Murtaugh did something they haven't done in a few years...

Make all AYP criteria this past school year.

Tom Standley, Principal of Murtaugh Middle/High School says, "that's significant in fact, not over 40% of the districts statewide were able to achieve that. We're just proud of our students and teachers and good things happen."

In order to make AYP, you have to pass every single category, a solid majority isn't enough.

"There are 41 requirements in order to make ayp. If you pass 40, you don't make AYP....we're awfully proud of our teachers and students for doing so."

Standley credits the outstanding teachers and students.

"We know that students achieve if they have a good teacher in front of them. Again, kids that work hard and do what they're asked are active and engaged, will be successful."

Standley says it's not uncommon for them to meet AYP standards.

"It's a recurring theme for us to meet AYP most of the time."

Now the school is setting the bar for the future students.

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