Raft River Elementary School


By Brittany Cooper

MALTA, Idaho (KMVT-TV) No day is ever dull for Second Grade Teacher Hailie Boden. After all, she has 33 students in her class.

"I have the second biggest class with 33 and the 5th grade class has 36. So they're large and it's hard sometimes because a lot of these kids don't get that one on one attention in a smaller classroom, but we'll still make it work and I still plug in the times where I can give their individual attention," says Mrs. Boden.

Raft River Elementary School Principal Eric Boden finds in this type of situation, the teacher is often spread too thin.

According to Principal Boden, "she just can't get to all their needs. They come in, we get kids of every level, she wants to accelerate the high kids as well as the kids who are struggling and it's really hard to do."

Principal Boden says even if they were to split one more class, they would be out of room. See the building also houses the junior high school as well.

Ideally, Mrs. Boden would prefer 23 to 27 students.

"33 is a lot. They're really good. I guess what probably counts is the first two weeks of school, I train them really well," adds Hailie Boden.

And two classrooms would be beneficial...

"But at the same time, we're taught in school to make it work with large classrooms," says the second grade teacher.

The overcrowding issue is making its way into the community.

Principal Boden states, "we had community members approach our school board just in the last month and talk to them about it and they were very willing to listen to that and they're problem solvers just like we are. They're looking at what to do to help us."

The Cassia School District Bond has failed three times and Principal Boden doesn't know when the next one will be.

Last year's bond failed with 55% of the voters against it.

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