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By Brittany Cooper

Valley might be a small school out in the country, but that doesn't mean the students aren't exposed to the same opportunities as larger schools.

Plus, being centrally located also helps.

Valley High School Principal Rod Melone says, "We take advantage of the duel-credit program at CSI and their tech-prep program. And we also take advantage of the Cassia Regional Tech Center with approximately 60 kids over there."

Students who take business courses or home economics don't have to go far.

They offer these classes for duel-credit right at Valley.

Melone says, "We have a majority of kids who take advantage of that."

Many schools across the country are saying no to tobacco use.

From posters to programs, the students at Valley want to make it clear that tobacco shouldn't be tolerated.

Melone says, "Several of our kids through the FCCLA program have put together a program and they've worked with the American Lung Association and the Canter Association and put together a program for all of our student body on the danger of tobacco use."

Junior Cheyanna Nelson says, "We call ourselves BATMAN. We have come up with this name to get a grant from the government, from STAND which means Supporting Teenagers Against Nicotine Dependency."

The goal is to educate not just the students who attend Valley, but the community as well.

Melone says, "You'd be shocked at how many kids have tobacco in their family. It affects families financially and tears families apart."

From students exploring the dangers of tobacco, to exploring the world of calculators.

The math department just recently received a $9,000 grant from Qwest.

"And the purpose is to buy new calculators that are a lot more updated than what we presently have."

Overall Melone says the students have a solid work ethic, are dedicated and community oriented.

"We have different organizations, our basketball teams that go down and provide food and work at our local soup kitchen which offers meals once a week. So they try to pay back to the community as often as possible."

Next week we visit the students of Aceque Elementary.

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