Filer High School


By Brittany Cooper

We've all been made aware of State Superintendent Tom Luna's reform package, otherwise known as the "Students Come First" plan.

This legislation cleared its first hurdle last month with approval from the Senate Education Committee.

So how do area school districts, such as Filer feel about the plan?

Principal Leon Madsen says, "I would encourage them to not issue laptops to freshmen. I'm not sure that's the right age to give laptops to kids to take home. But I would like to see them put technology money towards updating and keeping technology current in schools."

And that's exactly what the Filer School District has recently done.

Madsen says the school board spend three-quarters of a million dollars updating technology in the schools.

"We will have in every elementary and middle school classroom, a smart board, which is that interactive vehicle for teachers to teach from."

And at the high school level, there will be a projector with instant internet access in every classroom.

"The school board just passed that in January, to be implemented right away."

More and more students are taking interest in IDLA courses.

A number of students at Filer take these courses, from credit recovery to enrichment classes.

"I think it takes a special learner to do that....I think it's going to be a challenge for a lot of the kids."

Parents can be more involved in their student's education, just with a few clicks of the mouse.

The school integrated software to allow access to their child's attendance and grades.

"Parents can find out instantly how their kids are doing."

And he says students responded well to the program.

"You could ask them at any given time and they'll tell you how they're doing."

Many schools list senior projects as a graduation requirement and Filer is no different.

They begin the project in the fall, completing the process prior to graduation.

"It's a pretty nice piece and really there's a lot of community service projects that these kids have done that are pretty valuable."

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