Twin Falls Christian Academy


By Brittany Cooper

Tucked behind Grace Baptist Church is Twin Falls Christian Academy.

The K-12 school doesn't see students transfer that often.

While many schools struggle with kids not going on to higher education; approximately 90% of all TFCA students attend college.

Principal Brent Walker says, ""We have a classic education, that's college prep. Take our courses, graduate from here and go off to any college they'd like to go to. There's a misnomer our there that private school, Christian school kids have to take a GED which isn't true at all."

Last week schools from neighboring states participated in a fine arts competition hosted by TFCA.

"The judges have very good comments and it's good to do things like compete here."

This regional competition is the precursor to the national competition held in South Carolina in April.

"There are categories like bible, speech, music, arts and academics and dozens of other divisions."

Many of the students didn't just participate in one or two events, four or five events was typical amongst the students.

"On of our goals around here is to develop some of their God given talents and abilities in helping see what God had done for them. So that's why events like this are important to help them hone those skills and develop them for future use down the road."

If you walk through the halls you read about the experience of those who went to do mission work.

This year some friends of the school were in the congo.

"These folks told us they have a hard time getting their hands on bibles to give to folks."

Classes ended up collecting aluminum, sold donuts and even cleaned basements to help.

The classes raised $2,500 which bought 250 Bibles in the native language.

"One of our major goals is to have distribution of scripture to people so these folks told us they have a hard time getting their hands on bibles to give to folks."

While students try to find themselves in school, Twin Falls Christian Academy is trying to develop awareness of other people and their needs in their students.

"We do a couple of things I think are probably unique to TFCA in regards to that."

Next week Brittany will feature Murtaugh High School.

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