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By Brittany Cooper

SHOSHONE, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Rob Waite, Superintendent of Shoshone School District says, "we wanted to find a way in the time of shrinking budgets, to meet our school goals and one of the big goals was to increase instructional time."

And the idea that blossomed? A four–day school week.

"We were able to increase our instructional time by the equivalent of four days at a lower cost to the taxpayers. So we felt it was a win–win proposition," says Waite.

Katy Fitzgerald asked, "how can we change it to learn the same amount in four days as we did in five and now have to go to four, instead of 3:30?"

When Shoshone schools went to a four-day school week, some of the students were concerned they wouldn't be learning as much. But ever since Enrichment Fridays went into place, their fears surpassed.

Waite adds, "we call it the Four Plus One."

"Enrichment fridays are really fun. They're activities that you go most of the time, they're about what you're learning in class," says 8th grader Daniel Venegas.

Parent Melissa Johnston feels, "kids are more open when they're having fun. My son informed me it was a rectangular prism and not a rectangle."

Each teacher conducts three enrichment activities throughout the year.

Denice Christiansen, a kindergarten teacher says, "we also did a Home Depot workshop. It was a lot of fun, a little loud."

Even the younger kids enjoy Enrichment Friday.

3rd grader Leo Navarrete says, "we went fishing and I got to fish with my dad."

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