White Pine Intermediate School


By Brittany Cooper

Burley, Idaho (KMVT-TV) White Pine Intermediate School in Burley is browsing through the world of mobile technology. Currently there are I–Pods in a couple of specialty classrooms and one general class in the school, But the overall goal is to expand this technology.

"Today we're doing Hot Timing and they've practiced that. And they'll chart it," says ESL Teacher Loretta Crockett.

These ESL students are recording passages into individual I–Pods.

Crockett tells the students, "you're the teacher...Now listen to yourself."

The use of I–Pods in the ESL classroom provides a way to improve fluency among english language learners. They can read, record their passage quickly And then check themselves again.

Principal Matt Seely says, "it helps them self–correct so the teacher isn't always correcting them and I think it's a powerful tool."

Here's a new modern way of conducting research projects. What used to be in textbooks and papers, is now through the I–Pod. The teachers can view pictures, projects, video and descriptions and they can view them on the screen as well.

Seely adds, "it's fun for the kids to do research on an apparatus they are accustomed to using. All of them, most 99% use I–pods at home."

While accessibility might be great for boosting knowledge and creativity, the students don't have free reign of the web from their I–Pods.

"They log onto the I–Pod with their own name so we know they're logged on and we put it on up front," adds Seely.

I–Pods now with the hopes of I–Pads later.

Next Thursday is the last installment of Scholastic Spotlight for the 2012-13 school year. We will feature Burley Christian Academy.

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