Top Global Energy and Security Experts Added as Keynote Speakers at Sun Valley Wellness Festival


By Paul Johnson

Sun Valley, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) - The Sun Valley Wellness Festival, presented by the non-profit Sun Valley Wellness Institute, will offer an unprecedented second keynote address on Saturday, May 25, 2013, with global energy leaders Amory Lovins and R. James Woolsey. In their address, What’s Energy Got to Do With It? Everything!, Lovins and Woolsey will discuss the nation’s energy present and future.

Energy underpins the earth’s health as well as personal health, from enabling alleviation of suffering from poverty, to providing clean air, to helping to ensure national security. Energy is perhaps the world’s greatest challenge, but also the greatest opportunity. In this moment of economic and environmental distress, newly cost-competitive and effective energy solutions are available to capitalize on right now and secure a more sustainable future.
To explain the complex energy puzzle are two of the world’s most respected experts with unique and engaging perspectives. Amory Lovins is widely considered among the world’s leading authorities on energy, having advised both major corporations to the Pentagon on our energy risks and opportunities. He is the founder of the renowned Rocky Mountain Institute, and recipient of multiple awards including the Onassis Prize, the Heinz Award, the Time Hero of the Planet and the Blue Planet Prize.

R. James Woolsey is a former CIA Director and co-founder of the United States Energy Security Council whose real-world experience of the risks America faces from its unsustainable energy system has led him to be a powerful voice for America’s leadership in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

This will be a dynamic, powerful and informative conversation that will engage the audience regarding the global issues, as well as the opportunities that can be capitalized on locally. The talk will be facilitated by Sun Valley's resident global energy expert Aimée Christensen, CEO of Christensen Global Strategies. “We are extremely fortunate to have these renowned energy experts come and speak this year,” remarked Sun Valley Wellness Institute Board member John Sofro, who led the effort to secure them as speakers at the festival. “Energy is a key to sustainability and a very important part of the wellness conversation.”

About the Sun Valley Wellness Festival
Recognized as one of the Top Ten Wellness Events in the world by Travel to Wellness, The Sun Valley Wellness Festival return for its 16th year, May 24-27 at Sun Valley Resort featuring over 30 of the nation’s top speakers on cutting-edge Mind, Body, Spirit and Environmental wellness topics. The 2013 Festival keynote speakers include Dr. Eben Alexander, Harvard neurosurgeon and New York Times best-selling author of Proof of Heaven, as well as top global energy experts Amory Lovins and R James Woolsey. The Festival also features an innovative variety of workshops, yoga classes with guest instructors, music and a Wellness Expo which offers a showcase of wellness products and Hands on Hall which features an array of bodywork, healing and intuitive guidance experts.

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