Fit And Well Idaho: Aqua Zumba


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Zumba is extremely popular... but there are multiple branches of the dance craze that you might not know about.

We head underwater in this week's Fit and Well Idaho.

"I like it because it’s low impact and I used to be a competitive swimmer and I kind of poo-pooed Aqua Zumba, but depends on how hard you push with your arms and your legs; it's a really good workout," explains participant Janet Burdick.

"The older population is typically like the water aerobics people, and it's because on land you have gravity weighing you down, and it can be hard on the joints, knees all the stuff... But to be honest, we're finding a lot of young people coming to the water, too, for that same reason," says Gilly Funk, YMCA Health and Wellness Director.

Funk is one of the instructors for Aqua Zumba.

And even though it's referred to as a low-impact class, the after burn is pretty comparable.

"The people who participate in aqua aerobics, you never feel like you oh 'my gosh I'm dead', high intensity, but you can get the 'afterburn' that is nearly equal to a land class," Funk points out.

"It's so much fun, Gilly's fun, she's high energy and the people in the class are great too," Burdick says.

Even if you have two left feet, you're still invited to the class.

Aqua Zumba is one of seven aquatic group exercise programs offered by the YMCA.