Fit And Well Idaho: Aquatic Therapy


By Brittany Cooper

Gooding, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Swimming is a great way to exercise and officials in Gooding are promoting the sport as a form of therapy.

We're headed to the pool for a little aquatic therapy.

Linda Alzaa is a patient and explains, "the ease for which you can come back and stretch your muscles, you always have lightness."

Alzaa has had four back operations and lives with Parkinson's Disease. She has found aquatic therapy to be very effective.

"Do you see me standing up and sitting down and able to take care of myself that's how far I've come from laying in bed," exclaims Alzaa.

According to Jeremiah Yates, North Canyon Fitness and Rehab Center, "it's been around for a long time. It's a tool we use to help people unweigh their joints and their bodies to float in the water and for people who have a hard time walking or moving around, it opens up exercises and activities they wouldn't be able to do on land."

Yates tells us he'll begin the program as soon as possible in some cases.

"I get people in who have joint replacement as soon as the surgeon says the scar has healed well enough; i will get them in the water," adds Yates.

"Jeremiah is the one that made the difference in my life."

It's one to one ratio between the therapist and patient, but the program is designed so community members and therapy patients are all together in the pool.

Yates adds, "so if the community member has a question, they don't have to pay for a doctor visit, they could just come over, tap my shoulder and give them a few tips and advice, we can't really call it therapy, but just some exercises they can do."

If you are interested in aquatic therapy, please call the hospital's Fitness and Rehab Center at 934–8766.