Fit And Well Idaho: Childbirth Education


By Brittany Cooper

Burley, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) While childbirth is a common practice, for first–time parents, it's a new adventure. From labor and delivery to breastfeeding, there are many lingering questions.

Ezra and Amanda Douglass just welcomed a baby boy, Liam.
Being first–time parents, they didn't know what to expect.

As Amanda explains, "we don't know a lot about taking care of the baby or anything, neither of us have any little siblings or cousins to take care of."

That is until they attended the Childbirth Education course at Cassia Regional Medical Center.

"I think we were way more prepared than a lot of people. Because it's nerve–wracking with your first kid, you don't know like how things are going to go, how labor is going to go and you hear all these horror stories and I think we had one of the best experiences you could have with labor and nursing and i think these classes really helped with that."

Barlow says, "it's done in a very intimate setting, we probably have about five to ten couples that come to class and we go through the information, and they're able to feel interactive, they're able to see videos that describe it and they're able to ask questions when questions come up."

One of the most common question areas is breastfeeding after delivery.

Mary Barlow is one of four Internationally Certified Lactation Consultants at Cassia Regional Medical Center.

An expert in this field, she recommends Kangaroo Care.

"So putting that baby skin to skin immediately after the baby is born. Once we really recommend that the baby is there for one to two hours or until that breastfeeding session takes place. A couple of hours after delivery, that baby goes through a very sleepy period and you can't get that baby to wake up so we see a drastic increase in our breastfeeding success rates by getting that baby to mom right away," adds Barlow.

More knowledge for Ezra and Amanda as they embark on their new lives as parents.

The next course begins on September 17th and pre–registration is required.

Officials recommend starting the class around the 5th month of pregnancy.

The cost is $50 and you can sign up at the registration desk in the main lobby of the hospital.