Fit And Well Idaho: Life After Concussions, Students Weigh-In


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Experiencing a concussion is not something to be taken lightly. The consequences often linger into other aspects of the person's life.

Former soccer player Richard Ellifrits says, "I took a hit to the head, I guess I was laying in the field for a while."

Henley Blick, a softball player and former volleyball player adds, "a couple of them are foggy I just don't remember them."

"I just got hit in the side of my head where my helmet didn't have any padding in it, just knocked me out," explains Teague Sweesy

All of these students have sustained one or more concussions in their life.

Henley Blick received her first concussion at age five. She fell out of a tree and hit her head, but then she experienced at least five more.

Blick says, "I had been playing on a team that had traveled all over. It was an elite volleyball team and had hopes to go on and play at least at a junior college for volleyball and I couldn't play anymore, just kind of got cut–off, had to stop."

Equipped with a facemask and mouth guard, Blick is taking it easier on her body at softball practice.

"I'm not the same player I was at all...and during practices my coaches made sure I'm not diving, not sliding."

But the effects of concussions extend past the softball diamond.

Blick also has trouble concentrating on school work. Others relate.

Ellifrits adds, "I struggle a little bit in school now. I was out of school for quite awhile and so when I came back in, I got lost and confused with what was going on."

Then he suffered another concussion this year.

"I was out of school for three months again and then I had to see a neuropsychologist and physical therapy to recover and get back to school."

Schoolmate Teague Sweesy is looking forward to playing football next year and shares advice.

As Sweesy explains, "it's serious, take the concussion test and protect yourself when you're on the field."

Some signs you may have experienced a concussion include excessive fatigue, confusion or feeling dazed. You might also have headaches, slur your speech or you might be feeling nauseous.