Fit And Well Idaho: Diabetes Prevention


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) We sure hope you enjoyed a delicious meal on Thanksgiving. Now that this holiday is in the past, there are more occasions this year where tasty dishes will be present. But not everyone can get away with a second or third helping, especially those with pre–diabetes.

There's an estimated 79 million people with pre–diabetes. That's nearly equivalent to the population of Germany, the most populous country in Europe.

Those who have pre–diabetes have higher than normal blood sugars, but not enough to be diagnosed with diabetes. However, there is good news, medical experts know to how prevent or delay the onset of diabetes for those in this category.

As Heidi Houser, an RN at St. Luke's Magic Valley explains, "there was a study done called the Diabetes Prevention Program that looked at 3200 people and found the people who exercised 150 minutes a week and lost 7% of their body weight were able to decrease their risk of developing diabetes by 58%."

For instance, take a 200 pound person who loses 14 pounds...that's 7%.

"So it's really more attainable than some people realize that you can really make an impact on your risk of developing diabetes," adds Houser.

You're at a higher risk for diabetes if you're overweight or if it's found in your family medical history.

Houser says, "and I would encourage these people to be screened or talking to your doctor of their risk for diabetes or pre–diabetes."

In regards to Type II Diabetes, some can control it with pills, diet and exercise or insulin.

"The key with diabetes is really with prevention and trying to prevent diabetes all together."

St. Luke's offers a diabetes support group the first Monday of each month and they're free to attend. There are also pre–diabetes classes that are ongoing as well.