Fit And Well Idaho: Easy, Healthy Snacks


By KMVT News

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Now that the kids are home for the summer, do you find yourself looking for ways to make snack time more fun or healthy?

In this week's Fit and Well Idaho, a dietician from St. Luke's shares tips on how to make sure your kids are getting the nutrients they need.

"In the summer, a lot of parents struggle with the kids being out of school, finding healthy snacks to feed them because there's one to two meals they were getting fed at school, and now they have to do it at home," says Sarah Renaldi, registered dietician.

Snacks throughout the day can be a really good time to fit in fruits and vegetables.

"Half your plate ideally should be fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables at every meal and snack. We always say fruits and vegetables, they're kind of nature's original fast food because they're portable, easy and you can take them with you," Renaldi explains.

There are lots of creative ways you can sneak them in to make them more desirable to kids.

"Frozen grapes are a great snack on a hot day as opposed to a popsicle, or something more sugary. So, they're really refreshing.

“And, then we have fruit kabobs and vegetables kabobs, and kids just love them because they're bite size and easy to pick up and kids love dip. If you add dip to anything kids will love it. So, for the fruit kabobs we have a vanilla Greek yogurt and for the vegetable kabobs we have a low-fat ranch dressing," Renaldi says.

And, then of course kids love shapes...

"You can do this with any kind of melon, like honey dew or cantaloupe. Use little cookie cutters to cut out shapes and sometimes that makes kids want to eat them more; you can also do that with sandwiches," Renaldi points out.

Nothing says summer to a kid like ice cream... but, Greek yogurt pops are a way to keep the delicious flavor and lose the fat and calories.

"I took some vanilla Greek yogurt non-fat, and I just added in some frozen strawberries and frozen raspberries, no sugar added, and I blended them into the yogurt, poured them into some little cups here, added a popsicle stick and then you just put them in the freezer. And, then you can just pop them out and you have your own little yogurt pop," Renaldi says.

Making snack time fun and healthy for your kids.

And, don't forget if you're looking to avoid soda, but your kids like something with flavor... diffused water is a great option.

Simply mix fruit into a pitcher of water and let it sit in the refrigerator for a few hours.