Fit And Well Idaho: Fair Cuisine


By Brittany Cooper

Filer, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) You may think where's the health value in fair cuisine? Looking for healthy meals and desserts may take some thought, but many vendors have at least one option.

Montay Dixon works at the Jenks Family Grill. You have everything from an elk burger to pork sliders.

Dixon says, "for a healthy option at the Jenks Family Grill, we have a grilled chicken sandwich and we grill it so it's a little bit healthier and we also put on grilled onions."

"I like to eat the food because it's free and I also like to greet customers and making them feel like it's a fun time to be here," adds one of the employees.

Going for grilled rather than deep fried, cuts down on the fat calories.

Melissa Sleight, a dietitian for St. Luke's Magic Valley explains, "get some vegetables on there; you're going to get some nutritional content, versus something that's more calories and not a lot of vitamins or minerals."

In the sweets department, who doesn't love an elephant ear? But when we're talking healthy...chocolate–covered strawberry kabobs are the better way to go.

Sleight adds, "it has some sweet to it where it's got it some chocolate, you're not over doing it with the calories, but you still have something fun that you don't get all the time."

And remember to take the time and enjoy the meal. "

"We don't really pay attention to our satiety cues to see how full we are if we're distracted by other things so if we can find a place to sit down and just focus on the food, you're here to enjoy it, enjoy every bite of it, to make it a meal rather than walking around distracted by the games and the other stuff" says Sleight.

A taste of fair food while satisfying your appetite at the same time.