Fit And Well Idaho: Improving Pediatrics At Cassia Regional


By Brittany Cooper

Burley, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Being a child at a hospital can be nerve–wracking. But employees at Cassia Regional Medical Center are hoping to ease the children's fears.

Last week the Burley hospital held a pediatric birthday party and the party is still going on... That's the focus of this week's Fit and Well Idaho.

From monkeys to sharks, these stuffed animals hope to anchor young patients through the hospital experience.

Jasmine Durfee, a CNA within the Cassia Birth Center explains, "we're improving it from what we have. We want the kids to make sure that they're comfortable with their stay here and to give them something to cuddle with like blankets or stuffed animals and teddy bears."

Carly Nelson assists Durfee with projects and hospital matters.
When it comes to a hospital setting, both agree that comfort is a family affair.

"I know as a parent myself, seeing your child in the hospital is scary enough, so if you're seeing they're getting extra care, it makes the parent more comfortable," adds Nelson, teh Housekeeping Team Lead.

Durfee expects approximately 10,000 children come through in a 14–month period.

"Eventually we're going to get toys for siblings to play with while they're waiting in the ER or in the lab, something to keep them occupied," adds Durfee.

Something as small as a teddy bear can leave a lasting impression.
The hospital is gearing up for food, fit and fun coming to Storybook Park next week and on the 18th.

Cassia Regional partners with the school district, Burley Extension Office 4-H and the library to put on the event.

Many times children stay for the program and enjoy a free lunch afterwards.

For more information, please call 677–6400.