Fit And Well Idaho: March For Babies


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) The March for Babies walk is just around the corner.

It’s an opportunity for communities to get involved and support healthy babies and families.

The March of Dimes remains a national leader in pregnancy and infant health.

Brian Neudorff might be known to be passionate about the weather, but there is one thing that could trump his love for following storms.

His twin boys Ryan and Zachery celebrated their 13th birthday this week.

But life for the Neudorff family hasn't always been a piece of cake.

Ryan and Zachery were born three months early.

"As a dad, you want to do whatever you can, and you find yourself helpless in that situation, and the hospital they were located at was wonderful, and then finding out that a lot of the treatments, the injections, the medications they got in the NICU came or benefited from research done by the March of Dimes. That's what gravitated my family, my wife and I, to be big supporters of the March of Dimes," Neudorff explains.

"They provide support to families who are struggling emotionally and financially with the burden of having a premature baby or prolonged hospitalization for any reason with their baby in the hospital," says Dr. Jennifer Merchant, St. Luke’s Magic Valley.

Idaho has a prematurity rate of 10.2 percent, lower than the national average of 11.7 percent, according to the March of Dimes.

The goal this year in Idaho is to lower that to 9.3 percent.

The March for Babies walk is a prime example of getting involved to support these families and research.

"Every premature baby affects our entire community. So our communities benefit when our babies are healthy because our population grows up and is productive and happy and wholesome," Merchant points out.

The Neudorff family makes it a point to participate in the March for Babies walks.

They are the frontrunners in the fundraising efforts this year.

"Early on in my career in Rochester, New York, we were an ambassador family because of my story," Neudorff says.

The Dawson family will represent the Magic Valley this year.

Kambri, now a year and half, spent 67 days in the NICU.

The March for Babies walk will be held next Saturday, May 10th, at Northern Ridge Park in Twin Falls.

Registration starts at nine with the walk at ten.

For more information, please call (208)336-5421.