Fit And Well Idaho: Men's Health Seminar Coming Up


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Urinary incontinence and Erectile Dysfunction are just a couple of health conditions that affect millions of men each year. But St. Luke's Magic Valley is hoping to educate men on these issues.

In this week's Fit and Well Idaho, we're previewing a free men's health seminar coming up next week.

The first question you might be thinking is, why should I attend?

As Dr. Jason Greenhalgh tells us, "so the most common issues we see as urologist are erectile dysfunction, I know there's a lot of advertisement for Erectile Dysfunction and men are aware of that...another is a prostate issue and it makes men have to urinate more often at night, during the day, slower stream and really impacts the lifestyle significantly."

Some men feel embarrassed talking about topics such as erectile dysfunction or urinary incontinence.

"They don't want to talk about, they may talk about it on the golf course with their buddies. The reality is talking with their healthcare provider, they don't really take the time to say hey, it takes a priority in my life and sometimes it may be even there isn't something to be done for," adds Dr. Greenhalgh.

But with the right information in hand, men can take better care of their health.

Dr. Greenhalgh says, "at the age of 40, the prostate starts to grow, so just from 40 on those symptoms can start to worsen.... Usually we'll start with a medication, relax that prostate, allow that bladder to empty a little better making how we urinate a little more efficient."

And feel a little more comfortable talking about well–known health conditions.

The seminar is coming up on September 17th starting at six in the evening. The event will be held in the Oak Rooms on the lower level of St. Luke's Magic Valley.

Call 814-0093 if you would like to attend as registration is required.