Fit And Well Idaho: New Physician Center In Buhl


By Brittany Cooper

Buhl, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) St. Luke's Magic Valley has expanded its presence, with a new Physician Center in Buhl.

The Physician Center here in Buhl just opened on Monday and Dr. Mason hopes to make his presence known here in the community.

Dr. Bryan Mason says, "right now with healthcare, building further access is important. So being here we feel like we provide greater access in the community...anything from a wellness exam to somebody slicing their finger, needing to get stitches, to casting, diabetes care, blood pressure care, we take care of all that."

Dr. Mason conducted his family medicine training in South Bend, Indiana with an emphasis in sports medicine.

He spent some time as the team physician for a high school and hopes to utilize that experience in Buhl.

Mason says. "so I plan on doing that, definitely been in contact with the superintendent, to discuss ways in which I can get involved at the local school to provide sports care and education to both the community, coaches, I feel that's very important. One of our permanent goals is to become involved in the community and that's just one of ways we hope to do that."

The clinic provides services such as wellness exams, diabetes care and casting.

X–ray capabilities aren't available at this time.

"The plan is to continue to expand the service presence here with more services such as x–ray and additional lab services so it's definitely in the future," explains Mason.

The clinic is also tied into the same Electronic Medical Record as the rest of St. Luke's Magic Valley.

Mason adds, "that gives me a great benefit because if a patient of mine sees a specialist, I'll have that note right away, those labs right away, I'll have those imaging studies right away."

The clinic is open Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and is located in the same space as Buhl Family Dental.