Fit and Well Idaho: The Insanity Workout


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Jane Fonda owned the workout scene in the 1980s.

But we're in 2013.

And Shaun T. is going crazy.

Well, not really.

But his workout, Insanity, is taking the exercise world by storm.

"It's a crazy, wild workout. We love it. It is fun. It's doable for every fitness level, and it does take you to that next fitness level. It's wonderful," said Kay Parker, group fitness director.

"It's a really good class. It's a little bit different from the videos, so anyone can come try it. And even if you have some health conditions, there's modifications so anyone can come to the class and try it out," added Ramon Vela, class instructor.

Some might be frightful of the name, but with two instructors, there's opportunities for some individual attention.

"So we can walk around and help you regress; regress is a good thing so you can be healthy, have good form and progress," Parker said.

The class focuses on straight cardio endurance and you use your body weight to develop muscles.

The plus is, not having to deal with the extra equipment.

"It's max interval training. We go very, very hard for two minutes, then a 30 second rest. We do that for two rounds on the shorter days. Tonight was the extended class, so we did three rounds which lasts 15 minutes, but the after burn is huge; it really releases a wonderful after burn for 24 to 36 hours after you workout so you feel amazing when it's over," Parker explained.

Feeling the burn today, but loving the result later.

If you want to check out a class, Insanity is offered weekdays at the Canyon Rim YMCA.

And twice a week at the E-Street location.