Grant Helps Senior Center Feed the Elderly


By Aimee Burnett

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Part of the mission at St. Luke's is to improve the health of people in the Magic Valley.

The Community Health Improvement Fund gives financial support to organizations with the same goal.

"Our main purpose is feeding people meals either home bound or people coming to the center to socialize. We have over 1,600 members currently and on an average month we have approximately 300 different people who eat here on a daily basis," said Jeanette Roe, Twin Falls Senior Center, Financial Director.

The center recently received a $7,500 grant from the Community Health Improvement Fund at St. Luke's Magic Valley.

The grant will help the senior center feed people it currently can't because those people don't meet certain guidelines, such as being over the age of 60.

As Roe explained… it’s a trend on the rise here in Twin Falls.

“On the 2010 census 18% of the population in Twin Falls was over the age of 60. We're now to 2014, we knew in 2010 in 10 years we would have 38% of the population. That's what we're seeing now. That's why I applied for the grant funds.”

The home delivered meal program is the biggest program the center has.

"We deliver probably 120 to 140 home delivered meals every single day. Sometimes we're the only contact to the outside world that they see. If something's happened we're sometimes the first responders," said Roe.

St. Luke's will be rewarding $220,000 in grants this year. Anywhere from fifty to seventy–five organizations will apply.

"St. Luke's has a responsibility and an opportunity as a non–profit organization to help as many of these organizations as possible. So, over the last five years over a million dollars has been distributed in our valley," said Gary Babbel, a member of The Community Health Improvement Fund Selection Committee.

Helping the organizations that help the community thrive.

To contact the Twin Falls Senior Center at 734-5084. The center is located at 530 Shoshone Street West.