Man Versus Alligator


By Brittany Cooper

It's one of the big features at the Twin Falls County Fair this year – 'Kachunga and the Alligator Show'. Kachunga is described as a 'real American bushman' and by watching his actions – fear seems to be not part of his vocabulary.

Alligator handler David Castillo said, "I get to get in there, catch the gator. I think catching is what draws them here and what gets hyped a lot is gator wrestling. In reality, they don't know a lot about wrestling part, but they defend well."

The show began in 1982 and the group tours across North America.
The alligator that was used in this show is about eight feet long and 200 pounds.

Owner Gil Castillo said, "You visit our show and the things that separates use from a show in Florida is that we use wild alligators. And although you can't train them, they get tired and worn out. So we rotate our alligators and constantly bring in alligators to keep it on a level or where we'd like it to be."

The show is geared towards providing excitement as well as education.
They go over the anatomy of the alligator and discuss the common misconceptions.
And David says one of the most common misconceptions is that alligators are aggressive.
"In reality they just want to be left alone. There are reasons they want to attack and those we go over in the show, but if we give the gator his space, he usually will give us our space."

The audience even gets involved as one lucky child got the opportunity to pet the alligator.
You can catch the show three times a day through Monday located near the free stage.

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