The interesting history of Drury Park


By Benito Baeza


With time comes change, some of it good, some of it is uncomfortable to deal with. For one of the oldest Twin Falls city parks, it’s seen quite a few changes in its lifetime and may still see more in its future.

From what started as a field full of sage brush to a colorful park on Washington Street, Drury Park has seen a lot being the second oldest park in Twin Falls.

Drury started off in 1917 when Frances Stephens donated a piece of land to the city. Frances maiden name was Drury.

Parks and Recreation Director, Dennis Bowyer, says his family remembers going to the park. But the park may hold something more special for bowyer being it’s where he started his career with the city.

Bowyer says at that time several parks, including Drury, had little wading pools to cool off in during the summers. Over time the pools were removed and then the 80's came around.

Then a horse shoe club asked the city if they could build pits and host tournaments, which lasted for about 10 years, then it went back into disuse.

That's when several community members got together and applied for a $75,000 grant from the Seagraves Foundation to install the new equipment you see today.

Bowyer says parks always change and his staff is continuously look new ways of improving the parks and service they provide its residents.

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