Local 2nd and 3rd graders participate in 'Invention Convention'


By Jay Michaels


All new inventions start out as bright ideas; local grade school children are taking part in the 'Invention Convention' this week.

It's like your typical story problem; come up with an invention nobody else has built before, that will solve a given problem. There's only one catch, you can't spend more than 15 dollars.

Eternity Elsing, 3rd grade inventor says, “When you go to the store, and then you put your food in, your old food gets stuck in the back. And you can't see it that well, so you don't know what's behind the new food.”

The solution? A rotating freezer that allows you move newly bought food to the back, while bringing already frozen food up to the front.

How about something to help you hear announcements more clearly? The new and improved 'Mystery Meg,’ completely recycled from juice drink containers – paper toilet rolls – and decorated with scratch paper, could put regular megaphones to shame.

2nd grade inventor Reagan Larson says, “It’s like a megaphone, but it goes out through above and the side, and the other sides, but it doesn't go down. But it goes the regular way a regular one goes.”

The top 15 inventions will go to the regional invention convention in Boise next month. The inventions that win there will go on to compete at the 'Invent Idaho State Final' in March.

Larsen puts his megaphone to good use to make sure everybody within earshot knows that 'it's too early to quit,' when it comes to inventing.

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