Herrett Center offers free viewing of the sun



Twin Falls, Idaho - Earlier this month we mentioned that scientists were expecting to see more sunspot activity on the sun; however, things have been fairly quite for the last two weeks, quieter than usual, in fact.

A local astronomer says that if the weather permits, you can take a look at the sun for free every Wednesday this summer between 1:30 and 3:30 pm.

Herrett Center Observatory Coordinator Chris Anderson says, “We can speak of how many spots the suns likely to have in a statistical sense. But predicting on any given day how many there will be is essentially impossible right now.

Anderson says a lot of people are amazed that you can safely look at the sun through a telescope and not damage your eyes, but only if you have the correct filters.

A sunspot is an area of concentrated magnetic activity, which appears as a dark spot on the sun's surface.

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