Church members in Burley put their faith into action


By Jay Michaels

Burley, Idaho (KMVT) - Members of a church in Burley have been putting their faith into action; they're providing food to people who need it during these hard economic times.

People have been lining up in droves at Mountain View Christian Center in Burley, and no wonder.

Refrigerated trucks operated by the 'Freedom Resources Center' pulled up and forklifts unloaded 30 pound salmon, to be handed out along with frozen foods, including tortillas and local potato products.

Patsy Smith, McCain Foods spokesperson said, “We're here to represent the community, McCain Foods is, and we're here to donate French fries for the people that are coming to pick up fish. So we're making it a fish and chips night.”

McCain Foods donated three thousand cases of frozen potato products to Mountain View Christian Center's effort.

The salmon were transported by Freedom Resources trucks from a fish hatchery near Challis.

Roughly two thousand people showed up; organizers of the event say if they keep getting food, they'll keep handing it out.

They're also trying to find some grant money for Freedom Resources to keep their trucks coming.

The gospel writer Luke said 'Go out into the streets and compel them to come in.'

The people involved in this event say it's pretty compelling on its own.

Pastor Jim Powell says, “Our first event we gave steelhead away, with a steelhead fish and a loaf of bread, loaves and fishes. And we saw the process of multiplication. This is a modern day miracle in action.”

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