Cliff Jumping: It's A Dangerous Activity


By Michelle Costa

TWIN FALLS, ID (KMVT-TV) - Cliff jumping is a popular activity in Twin Falls.

Every year, thousands of people jump off the cliffs in the Dierkes Lake area with two to three people getting seriously hurt.

It's a dangerous sport and even with someone being injured on Monday, teenagers are still cliff jumping.

"It's just an adrenaline rush. When we are jumping, it's if we can make it. some people think they can and they hesitate and fall,” said James Havener, Twin Falls.
Despite a serious injury at Hidden Lakes on Monday, James Havener is going cliff jumping and he's not alone.

"Just the thrill and excitement and a challenge,” said Nicholas Moravec, Cliff jumping.

"(Seeing someone get hurt. Does that deter you?) It gives me second thoughts. (But you will still do it?) Yeah,” said Josh Grimes, California.

On the main section of Dierkes Lake on a hot day, 300 to 400 people will jump off, but that means they have to know how to stay safe.

"Cliff jumping at Hidden Lakes has always been a summertime rite of passage and while we don't encourage or condone it, there's no ordinance prohibiting it,” said Kim Lewis, Park Ranger.

With 800 season passes sold this year, Park Ranger Kim Lewis says visitors are up 200 to 300 percent from 5 years ago.

And that means there's a possibility of more injuries.

"We have to have a quick response plan in place, which we do, it's a multi agency response and if and when we get there quickly,” said Lewis.

It's a fun sport, with sometimes some serious consequences.

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