Daughter Of Doctor Who Delivered President Obama Still In "Shock"


By Michelle Costa

BELLEVUE, ID (KMVT-TV) - After lots of controversy surrounding the birth place of President Obama earlier this week, he released his original birth certificate saying the issue had become a "sideshow." This story has an interesting link to the Gem State. It's an exclusive story you can only find on KMVT News. Tucked into the mountains of Blaine County, Idaho, the daughter of the doctor who delivered President Obama is still in shock over the news. "Shock. Absolute amazement."(Did you know?) Oh god no. None of us knew. Patient confidentially. So, no we didn't,” said Kathy Sinclair-McClatchy, Dad Delivered Obama. Dr. David Sinclair passed away in 2003, before the President became a national figure. With his wife and children surviving him, Kathy, the youngest of six kids said it's been a busy few days for their family. "We had our 15 minutes of world fame. It was pretty cool. Back in 1961 in Hawaii, how is he going to know that this would turn into the President?" said Sinclair-McClatchy. With President Obama's birth certificate in hand, we ask the question that everyone in America wants to know: is it real? "Without a doubt. That's it. I wish I had documents or something from my mom because she has tons. But, he was left–handed and had quite a right angled signature. We never would have known if it hadn't been such an issue,” said Sinclair-McClatchy. While skeptics still may not believe Obama is an American born citizen, for Kathy and her family, they hope the world will put all this behind them since the proof is on the paper. If you would like to see President Obama's birth certificate, click here.

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