Father Tells Experience with the "Choking Game"

Magic Valley


By Benito Baeza

TWIN FALLS, ID. (KMVT-TV) Its nothing new but its often called the choking game, or pass out game,
"his name was Skylar smith, typical twelve year old boy, just loved to play outside loved to ride his bike, loved sports school, loved his family, loved just doing being busy all the time." says Joel Smith, the father of Skylar.
That boy that loved life so much lost his at the age of 12 Memorial Day weekend to a game his family believes he was playing in his room alone.
Smith says "What it is, is a dangerous game called the choking game. It's also got many other names called pass out, the good kids high."
The so called game is nothing new, but is popular among children and teens, youtube.com contains many clips of young teens doing it, basically they deprive the brain of oxygen and get a temporary high, yet they may not be aware of the risk.
The victim’s Services Coordinator for the Twin Falls County Sheriffs Office Lori Stewart is familiar with the practice. "The danger absolutely is death, especially if the kids are doing it on their own without a partner there, if they pass out lose consciousness or using something around their neck."
Joel Smith, father of Skyler says "In our case, our son passed out before he was able to get the sheet off and consequently died doing it."
Skylar's father wants to educate parents and teachers of this high risk practice before another child loses their life.
"its just a pain that i wouldn't want anybody to ever have to go through."
Smith says he believes its going on in schools and that his son possibly heard about it from his friends.
"And we would have never thought in a million years thought he would do something like this, but he was the type of kid that was in the moment kind of kid and as a result this is what happened."
There are a number of websites with information for parents about this deadly game www.chokinggame.net and www.gaspinfo.com.

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