Food And Beverage Service Contest In Twin Falls


By Michelle Costa

TWIN FALLS, ID (KMVT-TV) - It was a one–man show down at the first annual Food and Beverage Service Contest.

A CSI student was judged on his serving skills Monday afternoon, all for a chance to win an award in Boise.

This week, competitions are going on throughout the state and on Friday, awards will be given out.

The competitor was graded on a whole list of things, including on serving, wine service and clearing.

So where's the best place to practice? A real restaurant!

The silverware, the drinks, the food.

Everything about this dining experience has to be just right.

For 20–year–old CSI Hospitality Student, Brantley Lacombe, it's his day to shine as a server.

"This is real–world. Hands on. You have one chance to go it and if you don't, it's not good. In the classroom. It's repetitive,” said Brantley Lacombe, CSI Hospitality Student.

He's got the uniform, the personality and the attitude to score high among the four judges. The best grade he could earn: 1,100 points.

"I would like an outside rating of my performance to see where I can improve,” said Lacombe.

The food is being prepared by the restaurant so that won't be a part of the grading, but everything else will.

"His appearance. Whether he clears correctly. How he is with the guests,” said Dianne Jolovich, College of Southern Idaho.

With more than 200 different job opportunities, the $103 billion hospitality industry has a career to fit every interest.

And that's why the CSI program has 40 students.

While this competition isn't required, it's encouraged to become more well–rounded for their future careers.

And for Lacombe, practice makes perfect and it's a part of his bigger plan to manage a restaurant.

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