Meet Twin Falls' New Chief Of Police


By Michelle Costa

TWIN FALLS, ID (KMVT TV) - What's it like being the Chief of Police?

Just ask Chief Brian Pike what he thinks about his first day on the job.

As of Tuesday, Pike is now the head of the Twin Falls Police Department.

He takes the position of retiring Chief of Police James Munn.

March 1: a day Brian Pike will remember forever.

"I am the Chief of Police. How does it feel to say that? It's different. It's a different role,” said Chief Brian Pike, Twin Falls Police Department.

Different in the best of ways.

Pike is a well–known man in the community.

He's worked with the police department since 1994.

"I like the idea of community service and when you start in law enforcement, you really are tied to the community. I was born and raised in Twin Falls and this is my home. I'm a stakeholder in the community,” said Chief Pike.

Now pike will serve his home as Chief of Police, but it's a job he didn't necessarily dream about.

"I've always thought about it, but I haven't come to work with the idea that one day I wanted to be the Chief. It's just something I've grown into,” said the new Chief of Police.

And his first official day as Chief of Police proved to be an exciting one, handling student protests, although it's something he said is just a part of the job.

"You just don't know. It's like coming to work today. Student protests probably not on your list of things that could happen to you today and it's always like that. What's the biggest challenges you'll face? At least initially, budgets. The last couple of years have been tough and people are suffering,” said Pike.

For Pike, walking into the police station may be familiar, his new job title, however, uncharted territory.

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