Should lawmakers make it illegal to use your cell phone while driving?


TWIN FALLS (KMVT-TV) - Idaho lawmakers will again consider legislation to ban drivers from texting behind the wheel. State senator Les bock has also introduced a bill to prohibit drivers from talking on cell phones while driving. Drivers would be allowed to use hands-free devices under the bill. Republican state senator john McGee says he's also working on legislation to ban texting while driving after leading the charge last year. McGee’s bill passed the senate but died in the house on a technicality after then-representative Raul Labrador objected during the 2010 Idaho legislature. Since the city of Twin Falls already has a texting ban in effect police believe possibly banning cell phones all together will help. Staff sergeant Dennis Pullin with the twin falls police department said “it's pretty obvious when people are using their cell phones so when they're using it and we see it, we can make a traffic stop. With the texting we have to watch the drivers and determine if they are texting to go from there." Twin Falls texting ban went into effect October first.

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